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The Same River Twice

Odile Mével is a French clothing designer, her American husband, Max, an independent filmmaker. When Odile agrees to buy a selection of ceremonial May Day banners in the Soviet Union and deliver the contraband to Paris she earns a new job description: smuggler.

Soon her fellow courier disappears, her apartment is ransacked, and her friend’s houseboat is firebombed. While Max has no inkling of Odile’s dealings, he finds himself embroiled in a baffling film world mystery of his own. As their escapades deepen and their deceptions multiply, Odile and Max discover their secrets are connected—endangering not only their marriage but their lives

Singing into the Piano

At a political fundraiser in New York, Andrew and Edith inaugurate their love affair with a brazen sexual spectacle. Watching them is the event’s speaker, Santiago Diaz, a Mexican popular hero who is now running for the country’s presidency. He is aroused, disturbed, and intent on finding the couple, whose erotic risk-taking parallels his own high-wire career.

Andrew and Edith are quickly drawn into Diaz's campaign, his marriage, and the vortex of trans-American politics, where plunder dictates policy, loyalty is a devalued currency, and the future of nations is decided by talk show appearances and terror.

Traffic and Laughter

In the hills above Los Angeles, a man and a woman who are almost strangers make love in a burning house. In the French countryside where Hitler once danced his victory jig, two diplomats negotiate a peace for a time that is almost, but not quite, our own. And in the Kalahari Desert, an event that seared the world fifty years ago is about to occur for the very first time.

Easy Travel to Other Planets

A young marine biologist named Melissa and her dolphin subject engage in a series of communication experiments that quickly extend beyond the clinical, eventually to embody all that is seductive and paradoxical about intimacy with the unknown. Moving effortlessly from the mundane to astonishing and back again, it savors that most poignant of pleasures, the exquisite pangs of one state of being glimpsing another.